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Thursday, April 25, 2019

We are grateful for our donors in 2014

Akerman, Cynthia                                     
Bender, Jim and Cindy
Bodenstab, John and Rose
Brodie, Tricia
Brown, James and Lois
Brown, Yvonne
Burns, Dennis
Butler, Paul and Virginia
Calkins, Loren and Carolyn
Casner, Denise
Cassal, Frank and Elizabeth
Cleland, Sean and Alicia
Collins, Claudetta
Davis, Johnnie and Meredith
Dixon, Harley and Cheryl
Dodge, Thomas and Rebecca
Ellison, Earl and Betty
Featherstone, Eileen
Finkbeiner, James and Nancy
Finkbeiner, Delores
Finkbeiner, Galen and Margaret
Finkbeiner, Norene
Finkbeiner, Robyn
Finkbeiner, John and Mary
Fisher, Robert and Jill
Garland, Chris
Gee, Kristen  
Groh, Delores
Hagan, Timothy and Stephanie
Hanley, John and Amy
Haines, Curt and Susan
Headley, Peggy
Harbour, Dennis and Karen
Harman, Carl and Hazel
Horn, Jack
Holscher, Ernie and Joyce
Hull, Jerry and Barbara
Hysom, Rick and Vickey
Kaber, Kieth and Carol
Kosesan, Shirley
Lawrence, Clifford and Joyce
Lee, Robin
Lineberry, Mike and Kathleen
McMahan, Dorothy
Maroni, Barry and Sherri  
Martin, Dwight
Mayhew, Rachel
Medford Church of the Nazarene
Mistkawi, John
Myers, Nancy
Nakamura, Sachi
Paddison, Dean and Vicki Jo      
Phillips, Terry and Andrea
Plaskett, Steve and Jettieve                  
Polk Productions, Inc.        
Pratt, Phillip and Jessica
Schorr, Kim  
Shaherestani, Angel
Sheey, Meredith
Spencer, Lauren
Stai, Jake and Bethany  
Steinhauer, Loren and Carol
Stock, Bruce and Carolyn
Teal, Sandy
Vinyard, Larry and Barbara
Wagner, Dan and Lynn
Wiget, Barney
Wilson, Lila
Wing, Dennis and Alexis
Wonch, Debbie      
Y Service Club of Salem and Polk Co. 
Zahedi, Soheil                      


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